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Output Tables

Cluster IdMembers of Cluster
11969L_IIP, 1973R_IIP, 1980K_IIL, 1980N_Ia, 1983W_Ia, 1984A_Ia, 1986G_Iaext, 1991T_Iabri, 1998bw_Ic, 1998S_IIn, 2002er_Ia, 2003cg___, 2003kf_Ia, 2004aw_Ic, 2004ek_II, 2004et_II, 2005ki_Ia, 2006gy_IInbr, 2006le_Ia, 2006mp_Ia, 1937C_Ia, 1965N_IIP, 1981B_Ia, 1989B_Ia, 2002hh_II, 2004dj_IIP, 2005hk_Ia, 2007af_Ia, 2007od_II, 2007S_Ia, 2007sr_Ia, 2009bw_IIP, 2009dc_Ia, 2009kn_IIn, 2011bm_Ic, 2011fe_Ia
21987A_II, 1991bg_Iaext, 1993J_IIb, 1999gi_II, 2000cb_II, 2002ap_Ic, 2004A_II, 2005ay_II, 2005cs_IIP, 1999em_IIP, 2006X_Ia, 2007gr_Ibc, 2008ax_IIb, 2008bk_II, 2011dh_IIb, 2012hn_I